Since the choir started in 2012, Alexis has worked hard to make it the fun, uplifting, educational and inclusive community group it is today.





Rory brings original SATB arrangements to the choir helping to create the rich musical repertoire Glad Community Choir are known for.



Glad Community Choir, the choir, glasgow
by artist charlotte eva bryan (alto)
Ben Sinkie 
Every week Ben plays a vital role by bringing the choir to life through his piano accompaniments. 
 Irene Hind
Collecting money, keeping track of the register, making sure the right people get paid and providing a warm welcome to everyone at the door.
supporting the glad foundation

Twice a year Glad Community Choir curates an evening of musical entertainment to showcase their most recent musical musings as well as introduce their audiences to other local artists and performers.  These sell out shows also function to raise money to support the Glad Foundation, a local charity that aims to make the art of music open and affordable to anyone who wishes to engage with it.  Since the choir's inception in 2012 all profits have gone directly to the Glad Foundation charity.  Through these donations, now amounting to many thousands of pounds, they have been able to fund music writing workshops in local primary schools, provide affordable instrument tuition for people in the local area and run an array of music based workshops for people with additional needs. 


If you would like to make a donation to the Glad foundation, support them by offering your time or just find out more information about what they do, please click here.